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Fixer Upper VS Love is an Open Door

Love is an Open Door: In this song, Hans is basically forcing himself towards Anna. “You like this? I like this too! That must mean that we are perfect for eachother!” He creates an artificial image of himself. He creates what he knows is Anna’s dream Prince. This song is perfect. It’s perfectly harmonized, the vocals are neat and so are the dance moves. But it’s all artificial.

And that’s why Anna falls for him.

Fixer Upper: This song is Love is an Open Door’s polar opposite. Here Kristoff isn’t forcing himself onto Anna, his family is. And by doing what? They start pointing out all of his flaws and all of the things that are wrong with him. They’re trying to show Anna the real guy. This song is messy, people interrupt eachother and probably 20 people are singing at the same time. But it’s real. Kristoff is real.

And the real overthrows the artificial, because even though Anna thinks she is smitten with Hans, by the end of Fixer Upper, she has clearly started to fall for Kristoff.

"But it’s all artificial."

Exactly that. That’s why one of their dance moves even looks like they’re doing the robot. Because all of Hans’s actions were mechanic/robotic. He was just responding to whatever he thought Anna wanted.

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